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Puzzle Bubble Games

Puzzle Bubble Games

Puzzle Bubble
Bobble Puzzle is a refreshing video game in which the main attraction is the different and entertaining bubble puzzles.

If you want to pass some time with a simple but entertaining video game, then do not pass up the opportunity to play Bobble Puzzle.

Some of the most engaging features of Bobble Puzzle include: Attractive graphics and sounds, to embellish the dynamics of the game. The game is based on shooting coloured balls at the sets located at the top part of the screen disappear, with the goal of grouping them by colour and thereby go on eliminating the colours. You must prevent the accumulation of bubbles from reaching the bottom part of the screen.

With Bobble Puzzle you can keep entertained while progressing to the different levels of the puzzle.

Arcade Bubbles
Arcade Bubble is considered one of the best puzzle games ever invented in the history of video entertainment, it has a particular logical capability where we can enhance our reasoning ability in a very fun way.

Currently, there are not many games that can be considered “educational” and on more than one occasion we find violent character programmes or programmes not recommended for the common user or for our children, the reason for these marvellous games to be considered the ideal alternative when it comes to learn playing.

Arcade Bubbles has a very particular objective, as we only have to group the pieces in threes or more, achieving the goal of eliminating them and adding up the most points possible in order to move up a level.

Bubble FlyTrix
Bubble FlyTrix is a wonderful and addictive game of the “puzzle” genre with which we will spend long hours of entertainment playing with the computer with one of the several variants of the renowned “Tetris” game.

This excellent game has the characteristic of having a particular playability that will remind us of the world renowned Tetris game, but with the difference that on this occasion we will have to stack the pieces according to its colour and group them in order to eliminate them from the playing board.

Bubble FlyTrix has a detailed graphical interface with incredible colours and some interesting sound effects; it is composed of several difficulty levels and three game modes.

Circulate Bubble
Circulate is an attractive and addictive puzzle game where you'll have to use all of your logic in order to correctly move about the scenography.

Circulate is a unique puzzle where you have to move around a series of spheres, and group them according to their colours.

This wonderfully entertaining software has caused a commotion in the computer entertainment industry. It's the ideal alternative for many users who are itching to experience healthy entertainment without violence or any other type of explicit content.

2M Tetrix
2M Tetrix Collection is a renewed and more entertaining version of the worldwide known “Tetris” console, that has the same objectives but with new scenery and completely renewed pieces.

Remember when you used to spend hours and hours playing with your old consoles those popular old console games? On this occasion you will be able to use one of the most successful titles ever invented in the history of video entertainment, from the comfort of your computer, with the particular playability of “Tetris” in which we need to arrange the pieces that will be appearing on the screen, forming complete vertical lines and adding up the most points possible.

In the beginning it can look simple, but as all lovers of this genre know, the game’s difficulty increases as we complete levels.

Tetris Queen Bubble
Tetris Queen is a new versions of Tetris, one of the most popular and entertaining games ever invented in the history of video entertainment.

Since the origins of the video game we have experienced a truly large variety of games from different genres. Each of us has our favourite game, but it’s no coincidence that 25 years later players still choose “Tetris” as their friendly program. What is the reason? The answer is actually quite straightforward, simple graphics and truly addictive playability.

The objective of Tetris Queen is similar to previous versions. You need to align the different pieces so that they form complete horizontal lines, eliminating them from the game setting and adding up the most points possible in order to complete the levels.

Portable Puzzle
Portable Puzzle Collection is a collection of ingenious games, puzzles and sudokus to entertain you, when you want, on any computer.

This group of games is great for free moments when you have a computer at hand. The collection consists of 24 games with simple graphics but good resolution and player integration.

The feature that makes the collection even more interesting is that it does not require installation in order to be executed on any computer. You can play directly from the removable device where it is stored.

Solitaire, sudokus, Minesweeper, and puzzles are some of the games found in the collection.
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